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Welcome to Data Pro's DP/Store Demo!

The DP/STORE product is a complete E-Commerce Website builder which is integrated with the Infinity POWER accounting system. While most companies boast about having an E-Commerce solution for doing business with their customers over the Web, truly integrating directly to the customer's data files has remained elusive. Data Pro's Infinity COMMERCE technology has provided this capability for years, however, many users have not had the internal expertise to develop their own Web sites from a graphical point of view while achieving the technical understanding required to bring in the direct integration of their real time accounting data.


Because more and more customers are requiring online E-Commerce capability, Data Pro created a user-friendly, Web-based product that allows our customers to easily set up their own commerce-enabled Web sites. The goal was to create a Web development tool with menu, image and color scheme design options while taking advantage of the built in links to the accounting system without having to become an advanced Web site developer. DP/STORE does just this and a whole lot more!


DP/STORE provides a secure administrator login which allows for the configuration of the functionality and style of your Website. The images, colors, styles, and menu structure are completely user-definable. The On-Line Store functionality is included with the product and provides the Website users with the ability to "Register as a Customer," "Login as a Customer," "Change their Customer Profile," "Set their Login Password," browse the inventory products you wish to sell them, maintain a complete shopping cart of the items they are purchasing, and finalize their purchase using the check out procedure.

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This product is designed to allow a business manager to empower their staff and decide what their Web site is going to look like, build their marketing information they want to provide to the world, take orders from customers, process payments for those orders (i.e. credit cards), calculate freight charges using the built in DP/FREIGHT interface to UPS and Federal Express and allow full real time order processing. Even if there are new customers coming to your Web site, the system allows them to add themselves on-line and get whatever special pricing you define based on the Infinity POWER Price Plans you may have setup in advance.


Pricing is managed in real time. Customer Service is about providing your customers with information now. Customers can get their own unique price on thousands of items on-line with the use of custom price plans set up in the Accounts Receivable and Manufacturing Inventory modules. As a result, they will be more likely to place their orders with you on-line. Better yet, that doesn't require an order entry clerk to be on the phone tying up further company resources and enhances the customer's relationship with your company.

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